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AUDIO Pre and Post Productions

Rycote Stand BVE 2015

Having enjoyed a career in telecommunications across a fascinating broad spectrum of technical areas which include Transmission and Radio Networks, Outside Broadcasting, with Audio and Video links and channels, Back to Back Studio, Videoconferencing, Satellite Communications, these days I now continue with BoMoJo.

I initially started as a DJ spinning noncommercial music around Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London and I am fortunate to reflect upon some long nights but great memories in developing my knowledge and skills, in mixing and sharing some great grooves.

As music trends began to change and evolve so did my passion from adding and mixing various genres and so a music programme, “Admix Grooving” was born.

As an AVID Certified Pro Tools Expert, I focus upon using Pro Tools as my preferred Digital Audio Workstation in Pre and Post Production in Audio, Film and Video.


BoMoJo can provide a full range of Audio Marketing solutions.